Monday, 26 July 2010

Ben Goes on Tor!

HPANWO TV proudly presents our second feature-length movie: Ben Goes on Tor! It is a documentary report on the Glastonbury Symposium 2010 in 25 parts. Accompanying article:
(Article and video parts will be added soon if blank)

Opening Titles:
Part 1- Departure:
Part 2- Glastonbury Tor:
Part 3- Avebury and Silbury Hill:
Part 4- First Crop Circle:
Part 5- Second Crop Circle:
Part 6- Stonehenge:
Part 7- Glastonbury High Street:
Part 8- Alley Market:
Part 9- Jason Porthouse:
Part 10- Ian R Crane:
Part 11- Auditorium:
Part 12- Venue:
Part 13- Simon Morris Interview:
Part 14- Chalice Well:
Part 15- John Dalton:
Part 16- Heidi Interview Part 1: (Video removed, apologies)
Part 17- Heidi Interview Part 2: (Video removed, apologies)
Part 18- Heidi Interview Part 3: (Video removed, apologies)
Part 19- Old Church:
Part 20- Jackie Queally:
Part 21- Stalls:
Part 22- Andy Thomas:
Part 23- Dally Interview:
Part 24- Glastonbury Abbey:
Part 25- Final Thoughts:
Closing Credits:
Out-take 1- Bebe's:
Out-take 2- Reading Station Subway: